Wrapping up: what's next for your UI library?

August 28, 2021

This article wraps up the “The dilemmas you’ll face when creating a web component library” article series. If you haven’t read the rest of the series, I’d recommend starting at the introduction.

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As your UI library grows, you’ll find yourself up against new dilemmas and problems specific to your library. If you used this article series to help create your UI library, then please reach out to me on Twitter with a link to your repo and I’ll add it to the showcase in the article’s GitHub repo.

If you want to learn more about UI library development, my recommendation would be to explore the code of your favourite UI libraries. If you’re stuck for repos to look through, I’ve referenced my favourites throughout this series, so they’re an excellent place to start. You can find links to all the resources I used for research in this GitHub repo.

If you’re interested in being a part of the web component community, you can join the Lit & Friends Slack channel. Web developers from around the world share their work, ask for help, and give advice. In fact, folks like Westbrook Johnson (Open WC), Justin Fagnani (Lit), and Serhii Kulykov (Vaadin) all helped answer my questions when researching for this article.

If the discussion around standardising UI components piques your interest, you can get involved with the Open UI.

Thanks for reading

What started as a simple decision log for oui-ui ended up becoming a lengthy article series, so thanks for reading if you’ve made it to the end.

I’ve tried my best to give good advice, but if you noticed any mistakes, or feel you’ve come across tools that better serve the problem spaces, then please reach out to me over Twitter. I’d love to make improvements to this series.

Finally, if you’re interested in following oui-ui, why not give it a star on GitHub?

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Written by Andrico Karoulla, a developer who cares deeply about all things frontend, like design systems, accessibility, and web components.

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